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Benner’s Gardens High deer fence offers both high quality and top protection when it comes to enclosing any properties. The high deer fencing features a grid like pattern that measures 1.75″ x 1.75″ and is made of a black poly that has been UV treated. This black color combined with thinness of the fence make it terribly difficult for deer to spot due to their poor eyesight and limited depth perception. With the fence height of 7 feet, deer will be unable to distinguish where the fence stops which makes it almost impossible for them to jump over it. The fence’s strong construction offers a long lasting barrier that is easy to install and lightweight. The fencing easily blends into any landscaping background making it pleasing to the eye for any property type. Benner’s includes all parts needed to easily assemble the high deer fence and guarantees the fence will serve as a strong boundary for almost any area. Benner’s also offers their Advantage Plus (Heavy) deer fencing that is recommended for areas larger than 1/4 acre with a heavy deer population. This fencing ranges in heights of four to ten feet and offers easy installation and removal for seasonal needs.